6 signs you should fire that employee

6 signs you should fire that employee

With great power comes great responsibility – and as an executive sometimes it’s up to you to cut an employee loose. You’ve tried every avenue of coaching, mentoring, revaluating deadlines and instigating sabbaticals, but you’re at the end of your tether.

It’s a classic case of being cruel to be kind, as keeping a worker onboard when they are just not right for the company or the role is not fair on either party.

More often than not, it’s easier for companies to turn a blind eye to the misgivings of an employee – especially when you factor in the costs of rehiring and recruiting.

But by doing this, you’re simply papering over the cracks. In this case, we have collated six tell-tale signs as to why you should let that employee go.

1. Gossiping

Everyone is susceptible to a bit of gossiping now and then, but an employee who continually “stirs the pot”, upsets their colleagues and is a general loud-mouthed distraction needs to go.

2. Argumentative

A volatile employee is a liable employee – no one wants a lawsuit on their hands.

3. Inflexible

Evolving with a role or a business is an essential skill, especially in this technological age, so nonacquiescence is a major issue.

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