3 leadership lessons from Game of Thrones

3 leadership lessons from Game of Thrones

The epic fantasy drama went out with a flurry ealier this year, teaching us all something about family loyalties, old grudges and Machiavellian deceptions.

But does Game of Thrones hold any lessons in leadership that we can apply to our work lives? We picked three top lessons and have showcased them below, along with our reasons as to why...

1. Surround yourself with reliable people

Littlefinger: “Power resides where men believe it resides”

Death, murder and betrayal are the order of the day in Westeros, with scheming Queens and unscrupulous knights ready to throw you under the horse and cart at a moment’s notice. Employees are the bread and butter of HR, so it’s imperative you keep measure of the general atmosphere in your company.

Andrew Dane, mediation specialist, commented on this issue to Business Grapevine, saying: “Departments could benefit by the early implementation of mediation in the Workplace. Often mediation is only implemented when the problem has manifested itself and is more difficult to satisfactorily resolve.”

So, in situations where you feel like you could be losing the support of your staff, don’t be a Ned Stark, find a speedy resolution and keep your head.

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