4 key trends ALL business travellers should master

4 key trends ALL business travellers should master

A new research-based report published today by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) reveals how the behaviour and priorities of today’s business travellers are evolving.

The report highlights how corporations can adapt managed travel programmes to fulfil the needs and expectations of the contemporary business travellers of today.

Based on a research poll of 250 corporate travel managers and buyers, the findings make it clear that the modern business travellers care about quality of life, demand a better work-life balance and expect a personalised business travel experience.

We have dissected the report to pull out the four main points that you should take into consideration next time you’re booking a business trip.

1. Rising interest in quality of life issues

Nearly half (48%) of travel managers surveyed have seen an increase in work-life balance concerns over the last three years, with a similarly high proportion (42%) seeing an increase in requests by business travellers to combine business and leisure (42%).

Others have seen requests to bring a family member on a business trip (28%), or for time in lieu (23%). 

While quality of life continues to be a concern for many business travellers, it is not the biggest priority: almost two thirds (65%) of travel managers reported an increase in inquiries about personal safety over the past three years.

2. Growing appetite for non-traditional travel

79% have seen an increase in the use of app-based ground transportation over the last three years, while almost half (48%) have seen an increase in ride-share services (48%), and 40% in sharing economy accommodation. Over the same period, 34% have seen decreases in the use of premium black cars, and a 24% drop in traditional car hire use. 

Flying habits have been changing too: nearly half (49%) report growth in the usage of low-cost carriers (LCCs) alongside a 23% increase in network carriers, which suggests modern travellers are increasingly mixing their standard of air travel.

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