'If Boards ignore this warning, they WILL be left behind', says Chief Psychologist

'If Boards ignore this warning, they WILL be left behind', says Chief Psychologist

Hani Nabeel, Talent and Assessment Partner at Alderbrooke and Chief Occupational Psychologist at CultureScope, spoke to Business Grapevine about the importance of keeping an eye on culture, and issued a dire warning to Boardrooms who ignore diversity.

How should businesses go about improving their culture?

“To improve your culture, you must first be able to measure it. Cultural measurement techniques are becoming increasingly scientific, whilst focus is also shifting onto employee behaviours rather than simply actions as in the past.

“Fundamentally, employee behaviours drive organisational culture. Once a firm has assessed the behavioural traits of an individual against the perceived culture of their team, the company and even the board members, it can manage any discrepancies in behavioural traits.

“Having understood these results and what 'levers' to pull, any resulting cultural maintenance, change or integration can then be initiated.  As such, businesses must deploy more in-depth assessment techniques and algorithms that dig a little deeper than the simplistic job-fit results of old.”

“In addition, there are a few simple steps that a business can take to improve its culture. We work with one company that maintains a healthy culture by focusing purely on behaviour when interviewing a prospective employee.

“It also ties employee bonuses with good behaviours, such as mentoring new joiners, rather than being solely performance based. This is a blueprint any company looking to improve its culture should follow.”

What is the future of corporate culture if Boardrooms ignore this warning?

“Put simply, if boardrooms ignore this warning, they will be left behind their competitors. Corporate culture has huge effects upon company value and performance.  This is recognised by the majority of CFOs, with 92% believing improving corporate culture improves overall firm value. 

“Healthy culture means healthy systems, procedures and functions, unifying the organisation and therefore leading to enhanced integrity, confidence, success and trust.”

How is CultureScope involved in helping address the issues at hand?

“CultureScope identifies the essential components that allow organisations to accurately measure culture for the very first time.

"Our extensive research showed that an individual’s values and behaviours are fundamentally linked. Therefore, any gauge of either personal or organisational values and behaviours can help identify organisational culture, and even forecast future behavioural patterns.”

“Many organisations are already using CultureScope as a means of identifying culture through the measurement of behaviours in a variety of corporate circumstances. “

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