5 weird sleeping habits of wildly successful people

5 weird sleeping habits of wildly successful people

Sleep – we talk about it incessantly. If we’re not getting enough, or if we’re over indulging. There’s literature on where to sleep, when to sleep and even what to sleep in.

But surely, as something we’ve all been doing successfully since the dawn of man, sleeping isn’t that complex. Is it?

Well, we decided to put the matter to rest once and for all, and looked to our betters for some inspiration. We’ve collected seven examples of super successful people to see if there really is one perfectly paved path to the Land of Nod.

1. Donald Trump

President-elect, TIME’s Person of the Year and all-round Twitter enthusiast, Donald Trump has certainly been one of the most talked about figures of 2016. But in amongst all that campaigning and shouting about walls, how does The Donald find any time to grab some shut eye?

Well, according to TheDailyBeast.com, Trump sleeps just four hours a night. The article explains how Trump revealed all in his 2004 book ‘Think Like a Billionaire.’

“Don’t sleep any more than you have to,” he wrote. “I usually sleep about four hours per night.”

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