The 9 most EXTREME ways people have quit their jobs

The 9 most EXTREME ways people have quit their jobs

Everyone is entitled to a bad day or two – an off day when your productivity might dip or your mood turns morose. More often than not, it’s these days that then fuel you to work harder and smarter when your spirits lift.

But what if it wasn’t just a bad day? What if it’s a bad job – one which is harming your mental health and putting pressure on your work-life balance? And if these feelings of resentment towards your career start mutating, bubbling up like a mad cackle, then they’re bound to explode in a highly inappropriate, though possibly hilarious, way.

We have collected nine examples of this happening in real life, so you can live vicariously through these brave souls.

9. Dancing out the door

A woman complaining about her work/life balance has quit her job by creating a video of herself dancing around her office at 4.30am.

Marina Shifrin worked for a company that creates news videos and says: “I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets.” Ironically, Schifrin’s dancing video has since gone viral.

The reasons for quitting her job stem from a poor work/life balance. She says in the video: “For almost two years I’ve sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job.”

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