10 most cringe-inducing office phrases of 2016

10 most cringe-inducing office phrases of 2016

With half the country annoyed the UK will leave the EU and half of America feeling the same about Donald Trump, the workplace should be a place where new terms that no one really understands, or wants to use (does anyone know what Brexit actually means yet?), are avoided.

That isn’t always the case, as LondonOffices.com found. They quizzed 1,000 office workers to find a definitive list of the most cringeworthy phrases and words a colleague can use.

Chris Meredith, CEO of LondonOffices.com, says: “There’s no need to try and make yourself sound trendy or try hard. Employees respect straight-forward language. Personally, I find people who use certain words to try and impress or sound edgy irritating.”

2016’s most irritating words and phrases at work can be found on the next page.

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