The 9 most economically vibrant cities in the world

The 9 most economically vibrant cities in the world

Where we live has just as much of an impact on our chances of success as how we live. The probability of choosing a career in which you excel in is invariably influenced by where you live in the world.

Schroders has recently released their Global Cities Index, which lists the top cities from all over the world for economic potential.

The report uses a variety of factors in order to identify the most economically vibrant cities - these include disposable income and working age population.

“The cities are then ranked in the index to provide a view of where some of the biggest global real estate opportunities lie,” the report explains. “The data impacting a city’s standing will inevitably evolve over time and as such, the index will move with it. Each city is mapped out above and can be filtered to show the top 30 cities, however around 160 cities form the full index.”

We have collected the top nine cities and listed them below – so, how does your hometown measure up?

9. Houston





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