5 ways to avoid working over Christmas

5 ways to avoid working over Christmas

Over a third of people will be checking their emails over the Christmas break, according to a new study.

Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna has found that 36% will login to check their emails when they should be eating, drinking and getting merry. The study of 2,000 full-time workers in the UK also showed that Millennials will be the worst culprits with nearly half (49%) confessing to checking-in over the holiday season.

However, Nick Goldberg, CEO of the people management business in the UK & Ireland, believes this is an issue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

He says: “Though it may seem inconsequential, neglecting to fully check-out of every aspect of your work means you aren’t allowing yourself time to fully rest and recuperate, which means you won’t return to your desk in 2017 at your best. Holidays are important not only because they feed your social life and overall wellbeing, but also because they contribute to reviving your potential for creative and innovative thinking; two vital aspects of any work.

“Before heading away for the Christmas season, make sure you talk to your manager about the rules of ‘holiday connectivity’ so you know what is and what isn’t expected of you. Take this opportunity to let them know you will be connected but not necessarily available. Protect yourself against the risk of burning out or becoming disengaged by putting emails away while on your holiday.”

In response to the findings, Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna has compiled five ways to avoid working over Christmas…


  • People HR
    People HR
    Wed, 11 Jan 2017 9:23am GMT
    Some companies need people to run the business over Christmas. In these cases, those people should be working paid shifts. Otherwise, those who are not working over Christmas - or any other holiday for that matter - should be told to switch their phones off, switch their out of office on, and get some real rest.

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