5 essential leadership skills to grow your business

5 essential leadership skills to grow your business

“An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep,” so the old proverb says.

It’s difficult to place the origin of such wisdom, although Alexander The Great is often quoted saying something similar. Nevertheless, there is a clear message: Leadership is vital to success.

All too often a brilliant business plan can fail because of those leading it. And so, as change becomes a constant, it is paramount that leaders ensure that they possess the right skills to ensure their business can navigate the temperamental tide.

Mike Taylor, Managing Director at Accelerating Experience, a business performance and leadership consultancy, lists the top five leadership skills business leaders need to grow their business…

1. Don’t micro-manage

Leaders must focus on mobilising their organisations and the talent within them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This includes liberating managers to get things done. Micro-management, holding onto power, leads to huge internal inefficiency, and is currently plaguing the workplace. Letting go and delegating isn’t easy, but is fundamental to maximise productivity and quality control.

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