Top 10 countries for the greatest career opportunities in 2017

Top 10 countries for the greatest career opportunities in 2017

With the festive season drawing to a close, and many of us returning to our offices and places of work, our minds start to wander and imagine what a career abroad might entail. The lure of a foreign shore, a new adventure and a world of opportunities has many employees considering a major move.

HSBC recently launched their Expat Explorer’s new careers tool and league table, which ranks the best places in the world for expats to work. The league table is ranked on criteria including work-life balance, earning prospects and personal fulfilment.

According to the data, Europe is rated the best destination for those looking to progress their career abroad and benefit from great working conditions. The survey highlighted that although expat earnings and benefits in Europe are below the survey average, the region offers an exceptional working environment that makes it highly desirable.

Dean Blackburn, Head of HSBC Expat, commented on the findings: “According to our survey, Europe is home to some of the best destinations for a successful expat career. Six European countries have made their way into the top 10 and are recognised for their strong work culture, great work-life balance and relatively good job security.

“The start of the new year is a good time for expats and prospective expats alike to reflect on what they have achieved to date and start to plan the next steps in their international careers. What’s clear in our survey, is that working abroad offers a wealth of opportunities to suit many different career needs and personal priorities.”

We have collected the data and have listed the top 10 countries for a top-notch international career in 2017. 

10. Bahrain

9. United Kingdom

8. Hong Kong

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