Intel CEO reveals why he was nearly fired 25 years ago

Intel CEO reveals why he was nearly fired 25 years ago

The CEO of Intel recently revealed how he was almost fired from the company over 25 years ago.

Speaking at the Intel press conference at CES in Las Vegas, Brian Krzanich explained the mistake was made when he was still an engineer.

He said: “I wiped out the output of an entire factory for a week. I'm lucky to be employed at Intel, sometimes I say."

However, Kraznich went on to say how the mistake actually helped him develop his own personal brand and improve company culture at Intel – namely “Copy Exactly”. The CEO went on to make a name for himself for managing all of the company’s factories.

The mistake happened when all of the production lines stalled completely, and Krzanich couldn’t work out why.

"It went all the way up to the CEO,” he explained. “And my boss at one point walked into my office and said, 'You have about two more weeks to figure out this issue, and if you don't, I've got to let you go.’

“And luckily, a friend of mine and I, we said we're just not going to sleep until we solve this. And then, sure enough, we found the problem about a week into that two-week time period."

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