7 New Year's resolutions every CEO should swear by

7 New Year's resolutions every CEO should swear by

As we return to our offices, fumble around our desks and try hopelessly to remember our login details, it’s undeniable that Christmas is over and the New Year has begun. This is the time of the year we make promises and swear to do better, be better and achieve more.

And whilst many of those promises may be related to weight, or alcohol or cigarettes, there should be a fair amount of resolutions that are work-centric.

 Atif Sheikh is the CEO of Business 3.0, a management consultancy that specialises in reinventing business models and behaviours. He spoke exclusively to Business Grapevine to offer leaders seven gold-plated New Year’s resolutions to stick to in 2017.                         

1. I will sort out my leadership process, not just my leadership style.

“In 2017, CEOs must put more focus on their leadership process,” explained Sheikh. “It’s incredible how many senior leaders allow poor basics get in the way of good performance, such as badly managed and wildly inefficient meetings or poor goal-setting that leaves staff unclear or demotivated.

“When the basics are right people will spend more time thinking and less time navigating dysfunction.”

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