7 New Year's resolutions every CEO should swear by

7 New Year's resolutions every CEO should swear by

2. I will take time to tackle the big questions.  

“Leaders are frantically busy, horribly so. This means they’re not doing the things that only they can do, such as hypothesise, debate, look at the bigger picture and create the conditions for success. While it’s hard to carve out time for a leadership team to tackle the big questions properly, there will be no prizes for failing to do so.”             

3. I will make the tough people decisions now, not later.

“Not everyone will be able to navigate the multiple disruptions faced by big business. Employees with the openness to accept a challenge and the execution muscle to be able to put new ways of operating quickly into action are vital for a business, especially at a senior level. Others may get there, or they may not, but businesses don’t have time to wait and see. The time to put the right team in place is now.”           

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