LEON's new musical venture is a lesson in brand management

LEON's new musical venture is a lesson in brand management

Changing and adapting your brand identity is essential for growth and sustainability. In today’s 24/7 consumer culture, when a new business can spring up overnight, it’s a case of evolve or die.

The most recent venture of restaurant branch LEON manages to combine all the core values inherent in the brand, whilst taking into to consideration their location, recruitment strategy and social milieu.

This month, LEON launched a new restaurant in the West End of London – an area famous for its slew of musicals, theatre venues and production of future stage stars. However, LEON has taken the bold decision to only employ staff who can sing. The entire employee base will be made up of hopeful actors and musicians who want to “make it big” on the West End.

Through this initiative, the staff will be able to work flexibility, earning money to keep their dreams alive and having enough time off to attend auditions nearby.

In typical Hollywood style, auditions for the jobs have already began – with a panel of judges including Alexander Armstrong and Helen Green (from Call The Midwife) and Anna Shaffer (Harry Potter) – The Metro reports.

LEON is no stranger to implementing innovative values to aid staff productivity and boost morale. In an interview, given last year, Founder John Vincent said that good relations with his staff was the basis of LEON’s success.

He told The Metro: “Our own team members are like family to us, that is why we have maintained benefits like free meals, paid breaks, and, in addition, significantly increased the discount on meals when not on shift.”

LEON has established a £600,000 programme of wellbeing and development events and training, equating to almost £1,000 per employee, which has seen employees receive massages and mindfulness classes.

Below, Vincent explains how to build and run a successful business.

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