The ad Adidas rebuffed goes viral following YouTube success

The ad Adidas rebuffed goes viral following YouTube success

Making the leap between something inspiring and something revolutionary is a bridge faced by business marketers each and every day.

Sometimes, we must accept that the greatest marketing campaigns come from a personal, and therefore inimitable, place – from entrepreneurs who define ‘thinking outside the box’. A recent example of this comes in the form of a mock Adidas commercial created by a student, which was rejected twice-over by the brand itself.

According to The Independent, a fake Adidas advert entitled ‘Break Free’ was penned by Eugen Merher, a fourth-year film student. The advert shows an aging marathon runner, who is tired of his life in a nursing home. He continually tries to escape, only to be brought back by the staff.

Eventually, with the help of his comrades, he is free to run again. The inspiration for the advert, Merher told The Huffington Post, was the death of an elderly relative.

“He was an old man with a very young spirit who used to walk two kilometres every day and bring his wife flowers, was very up on the news and loved to watch basketball,” he told the publication.

“I combined him with the idea that running or playing sports makes you feel free, because that’s what I’ve always thought. We tried sending it to [Adidas’] communications department but they didn’t really react.”

Watch the ad below:

Similarly, last year, a student created a fake John Lewis Christmas advert which went viral.

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