EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 apps that will revolutionise your career

EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 apps that will revolutionise your career

The average British adult has 25 apps on their smartphone at any one time, yet only 13 of them are ever really used. This means that 48% of those apps are huddled in the dark recesses of your digitized mind, gathering dust and taking up memory.

It’s time for a clear out. A recent report from Trainline found that making the most of your app library is a key mitigating factor of success for hundreds of SMEs. A survey of over 1200 SME decision makers showed that 56% want to use apps more to help with their day to day working life – and the ones they feel help the most were travel and communication (both 23%) followed by accounting/finance and time management (both 19%) and meeting and networking apps (18%).

Holly Brockwell, Founder of tech site Gadgette, claims to have found the top ten apps all busy professionals need in their arsenal. See them below:

  1. Google Keep
  2. Hotel Tonight
  3. Slack
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Trainline
  6. Buffer
  7. Google Translate Word Lens
  8. Receipt Bank
  9. Laundrapp
  10. Headspace

Speaking exclusively to us, Brockwell offered crucial advice to people looking to streamline their lives: “Invest a little time in finding the tools that will help you work smarter and learning how to use them, and you'll find you save far more time than it took. Finding and implementing a tool that takes some of the work off your shoulders can save you days every month, and if you use that time to streamline further, the effect is multiplied.

“This is how the really successful businesspeople seem to achieve more than any human can in a single day: they have an army of tools on their side.”

“For those working in small and medium businesses, managing their time and cash flow effectively are critical to their success,” added Alidad Moghaddam, European Director of Trainline for Business in an exclusive interview with Business Grapevine.

“Now, these businesses can benefit from an incredible range of apps and tools, aimed at streamlining business processes, freeing up time previously spent on laborious, admin-heavy tasks, and increasing productivity. My advice would be to do your research and not be afraid of exploring new ways of doing things.  Join online SME community groups, on platforms such as LinkedIn, and ask others to recommend the tools and resources they find useful.”

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith
    Tue, 21 Mar 2017 3:29pm GMT
    mmmmmmmmm, I think you forgot about Moneyhub - this must be the best way to streamline your financial world - and the time saved by having all your finances it one place is a god send

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