How many times did Theresa May promise not to call a #GeneralElection?

How many times did Theresa May promise not to call a #GeneralElection?

Since she began her campaign to become Conservative party leader, Theresa May has insisted that she did not plan to call a General Election.

She repeated, time and time again, that she was doing this because the UK needed a “period of stability”.

After last summer’s tumult, which saw Britain vote to leave the EU and both of the UK’s largest political parties undergo leadership contents, domestic politics certainly felt like it needed respite – largely, from itself.

However, fast forward to yesterday, and May has called the election – the very same one she said she would not call - to guarantee the “certainty and stability” she previously claimed that would be brought about by not calling an election.

These are strange times, indeed: when nothing in British politics is currently certain; and two diametrically opposed actions, having an election or not having an election, are promised to guarantee the same certainty we all certainly feel uncertain about.

Even hardened politicos are losing their appetite for another round of politicking and promises as the national vote merry-go-round kicks into gear for a third consecutive summer.

Yet, as a salve against all this uncertainty, we’ve collated a list of all the times we’re certain that Theresa May said she wouldn’t call an election.

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