10 bad boss traits that make employees quit

10 bad boss traits that make employees quit

Have you ever wanted to leave your job because of your boss? Then perhaps the old that people leave their managers, not companies, rings true for you - and you're certainly not alone.

To ascertain the reasons that people leave their jobs, BambooHR asked 1,000 employees to find out why. And it seems that bad bosses are one of the major gripes sending talent away.

They have been collated below…

1. Your boss takes credit for your work (63%)

Who wants to work in an environment where their boss takes all the credit? 63% of employees who took part in the poll said that they lost all motivation once they realised they would never get any recognition for the work they were doing. This was also a bigger irritation for workers over the age of 45, who were immediately prompted to look for work elsewhere.

2. Your boss doesn’t appear to trust or empower you (62%)

How can you prove yourself to be an effective employee if your boss doesn’t entrust you with an ounce of responsibility? What bad bosses don’t realise is that they are effectively setting their staff up to fail by constantly dictating and controlling their job. To improve, you should let your staff show you what they can do, remembering that small failures are not big issues.

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