5 weirdly wonderful offices from around the world

5 weirdly wonderful offices from around the world

Where we work is almost as important as the type of work we do. If we’re spending our days in an office which is uninspiring, repressive and dull then undoubtedly this will reflect negatively on the quality of the work we produce.

Any forward-thinking business should be considering how the space in which their employees work can be optimised to allow for greater creativity and productivity.

As Paula Marshall, Head of Furniture Category Sales, Office Depot, explains: “Employers have a duty of care to look after the wellbeing of their staff and from a commercial perspective there are obvious benefits to having a happy and healthy workforce.

“Research shows that contented workers are more productive – and are more likely to deliver a higher quality and quantity of work. A good office space is one that caters to the particular wants and needs of its workforce as best as possible within the constraints of the building. For example, employees undertaking large amounts of analytical work are likely to require a quiet environment, while an HR team might require private spaces for one-to-one conversations.”

The world is growing increasingly eclectic. What was once outlandish is now mundane, the garish gone grey and the taboo turned tedious. To keep up with the changing times, many businesses are shelling out an impressive amount of time and money on renovating their offices, elevating their spaces into something eye-catching. We have collected five examples of the weirdest and most wonderful offices from across the world.

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1. Amazon’s Seattle Office 

Amazon’s office in Seattle harkens back to the origins of the company’s name – a veritable Amazonian dream, full of trees, waterfalls and greenery that would make the most urbanite employee swoon. Construction is still underway, but this new workspace looks set to revolutionise the way we think about offices. 

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