9 bad habits leaders need to quit

9 bad habits leaders need to quit

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Shakespeare’s Henry V is often heralded as one of the great heroes of the stage. He inspired loyalty in his men, worked alongside them for a common goal and left a legacy that lasted long after his death. Perhaps this is why Henry V is lauded as a model for the ideal authentic leader.

Setting aside Shakespearian battle scenes, the Boardroom is not so different. The modern-day CEO needs to exude enough charisma to instil both respect and followership in their employees. But just how important is authenticity to the modern leader?

“That really depends on who the leader is,” Ben Whitter, Founder of the Employee Experience Institute, tells us. “For some, being perceived to be authentic is the real goal, which makes it hard to be a leader of people as the inevitable flaws become evident during the good times and the bad. The great leaders do position authenticity as an important part of their leadership because they know it is much, much easier to be yourself, and it is very hard mentally and physically, to be anything other than what you truly are.

“Being true to your values and leading with and through them is as important as anything else in business especially when leading large numbers of people. In 2017, we have seen a great swell of support for authentic public figures and leaders, and this should be high on the agenda for any leader, anywhere.”

Having said this, some leaders are still falling victim to their own personal bad habits, which prevent them from becoming the leader they can be. We have found nine destructive habits that executives are still committing and have listed them on the next page. 

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