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3 times exceptional employees inspired the masses
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3 times exceptional employees inspired the masses

Inspirational employees have the ability to encourage an entire workforce, with one exceptional worker influencing their colleagues and even their managers. But what makes a truly stand-out staff member?  Well, leaders have their part to play in inspiring the inspirational.

In a recent interview with Executive Grapevine, Richard Olivier, son of world-renowned actor Laurence Olivier, revealed the surprising link between authentic leadership and Shakespeare. We asked him how his mission works in helping leaders realise their true potential.

“It came from two places – the theatre and personal development. The work I was doing at The Globe with Artistic Director Mark Rylance inspired the former. Here we spent time looking at Shakespeare’s writing in terms of authentic leadership, and why so many of his plays revolved around leaders and leadership issues.

“This was coupled with the work I was doing in the personal development sphere, which was then called ‘mythopoetic-expressive’ work. Here, we combined great myths from many cultures with poetry and reflection in order to get people to look at themselves and their lives. This in turn made them analyse and recognise their personal potential.

“What inspired me to take this project further originally came from a workshop we held at the Globe in 1997 with 12 public sector leaders in London. Mark and I talked through our ideas with them – which parts of Shakespeare’s leadership lessons are relevant and which are not – and to our surprise at our end of the two days they claimed that everything Henry V did or said in the play was still relevant to modern day leaders. Which was rather astounding. I brought the two together to create a new and impactful version of leadership development.”

In the spirt of all things inspirational, we have collected three examples of great employees who went the extra mile to wow their managers and their colleagues. Click next for the first example.

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