How to optimise your operations process

How to optimise your operations process

The time between deal completion and a signed contract landing in your inbox, ensuring the start of revenue streams, can be a frustrating wait.

For today’s growth firms, operating on an ever-faster business landscape, accelerating contract authorization is the only way to ensure productivity and profitability.

Even for businesses wishing to maintain, rather than grow, their market position - diminished contract authorization speeds impact sales teams and increase pressure.

To create a first impression with customers that aligns with a company reputation as a digital innovator - a must in today’s market - it is central to have contract authorization systems that impact both yours, and your clients, business in a positive way.

Brett Orr, Head of Service Delivery at understands that having a “clear path from adoption to revenue realization” is clear.

Especially so considering that the majority of most contemporary businesses’ customer base is digitally savvy.

Caroline Walmsley, CEO of Brightwave, has previously spoken on the need to have company systems that compliment each other ensuring “a boost” for productivity.

If your subsidiary systems are working at a slower pace than your business is, it could spell curtains for client satisfaction.

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