Glassdoor: 20 toughest job interview questions revealed

Glassdoor: 20 toughest job interview questions revealed

Regardless of whether tough interview questions work (Glassdoor research has previously suggested that they do) they are a constant in the hiring process.

Google’s infamous ice cream question - how would you make money from an ice-cream stand in Central Park? - is a personal favourite; but behind the bafflement lies genuine reasoning.

Glassdoor’s research into tough interview questions found that difficult job interviews are statistically linked to higher employee satisfaction in the six countries they examined (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France); a job interview that is ten per cent more difficult is linked to a subsequent rise of 2.6% in employee satisfaction. So, maybe it’s time to take a leaf out Glassdoor’s 20 jobs with the toughest job interview questions?

“We’ve scoured hundreds of thousands of interview questions faced by job candidates to find the toughest questions which would make anyone squirm,” said David Whitby, UK Country Manager at Glassdoor. “Preparing for an interview thoroughly means being ready for anything, even a curveball question not directly related to the job. Remember, it’s not necessarily about getting the right answer, more how you cope under pressure.”

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