'Just marry the boss': The SHOCKING career advice offered to graduates

'Just marry the boss': The SHOCKING career advice offered to graduates

Helping foster the brightest and best minds of the future is a fundamental part of HR strategy. Encouraging a diverse and varied pool of talent, is the only way to ensure your company remains ahead of the game.

However, according to a recent survey, there is some disturbing and worrying advice being offered to young applicants.

The report from Bright Network, the careers network for graduates and recruiters, found that careers advisors are putting off candidates from entering certain fields of work. The survey, of 2,500 of the UK’s brightest students, asked them about the worst careers advice they had been given, and found they are being dissuaded from entering certain sectors due to their ethnicity or gender.  

Speaking about the results, James Uffindell, Founder and CEO of Bright Network, said: “We were shocked at the level of sexism, discrimination and ignorance demonstrated by people in a position of influence - speaking to university students - including professionals, family and friends.

“These findings have reinforced for us how many students are being put off pursuing careers in their chosen subject, meaning that the UK as a whole is missing out on a generation of clever and ambitious graduates.”

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