The professions with the highest level of office upset

The professions with the highest level of office upset

Two-thirds of office-based workers have fallen out over the kitchen cleanliness and washing up over the past year, according to research by

Other upset-causing acts for office workers include: talking loudly (52%); lateness and poor timekeeping (45%); bad personal hygiene (37%); running out of milk, coffee and tea bags (28%); and lost or stolen food or drink (23%).

15% said they would directly confront a co-worker about the above, while 35% said they would do what I like to call the ‘British confrontation’ – a passive-aggressive email or note.

It is the younger members of staff, those aged between 18- and 24-years-old, who are most likely to have a confrontation over a work-based issue.

The top five industries most likely to have a dispute can be seen on the next page…

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