Former Apple & Facebook exec reveals how to feel better after firing someone

Former Apple & Facebook exec reveals how to feel better after firing someone

Firing someone is hard. The last resort after all else has failed leaves no one feeling cheerful. Blue-ness reigns supreme.

But all feelings such as the ones described are myopic. Instead, focus on the benefits that will emerge from the incident – this is just one piece of advice from Kim Scott, former Google and Apple executive, Co-Founder of Radical Candor and executive coach.

She told Business Insider: “I don't know anyone who doesn't wake up with an upset stomach on a day you have to fire somebody.

“The most important thing never to do when firing someone is to go in with the mentality that you're firing them because they suck."

But you don’t tell them that they suck. Confused? Scott explains: “Go in with a mentality that this is a great person, this is a great job, but this is a terrible job for that person.

"One thing that I have found really helpful is to go into the conversation with a sense of compassion — to think about a job that I've sucked at, to think about a job that I've hated, and what a relief it was not to be doing that job anymore.

"I try to imagine a job where this person would really flourish. And, in fact, if I can, I'll even make an introduction to that person to help them find a job where they can really be great."

She also revealed the one thing to avoid: “This is not the moment to be giving tons and tons and tons of feedback. Because that makes the conversation backward-looking. You want to get the person and yourself moving forward to a better place." 

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