Robots to take a third of UK jobs, claims PwC report

Robots to take a third of UK jobs, claims PwC report

The robotic revolution is coming and, contrary to what we’ve been told, it transpires that they are here to steal our jobs.

A recent report from PwC reiterates these fears for workers in the UK, as their study found that over 10 million workers, a third of British jobs, are at high risk of being replaced by robots within 15 years – The Guardian reports.

The main industries at risk are the manufacturing and transportation industries – however, researchers also claim that an increase in AI would mean improved productivity and the creation of roles elsewhere in the workforce.

Jon Andrews, the Head of Technology and Investments at PwC, said: “There’s no doubt that AI and robotics will rebalance what jobs look like in the future, and that some are more susceptible than others.

“What’s important is making sure that the potential gains from automation are shared more widely across society, and no one gets left behind. Responsible employers need to ensure they encourage flexibility and adaptability in their people so we are all ready for the change.

“In the future, knowledge will be a commodity so we need to shift our thinking on how we skill and upskill future generations. Creative and critical thinking will be highly valued, as will emotional intelligence.”

A further report, from the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that from 1990 to 2007, 6.2 jobs were eliminated within one local area where people commute to work – this was also the era that robots were introduced into the workforce. Th equates to up to six jobs being lost for every one robots that is introduced.

Recode reports that the average worker’s salary also diminished as a result of robots entering the US economy, dipping from between 0.25-0.5%.

The report went on to claim that robots were actually responsible for the loss of up to 670,000 manufacturing jobs. This number could also be on the rise, as the study predicts more and more businesses will turn to robotics to help growth.

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