What do your lunch habits reveal about your work style?

What do your lunch habits reveal about your work style?

When it gets to midday, some are still satisfied by their morning smoothies, whilst others have already ransacked the vending machine or gulped their sarnies down before the lunchtime bell has chimed.

According to Dr Sandi Mann, Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, how we spend our lunch breaks, and what we choose to eat, can teach us about our preferences, attitudes and self-discipline: “which can all underscore your personality type.”

Working with Baxters soup, Dr Mann sought to understand the personality traits that our lunchtime habits illicit. For example, those who sneak an early lunch are more likely to be impulsive, whereas those who work through lunch have a high attention to detail.

These personality types, as devised from our lunch habits, have been divided into four categories; impulsive, conformists, social butterflies and perfectionists.

Have a read and let us know the in the comments which one you think you are…


Impulsive lunchers often try to take a lunch break as long as they can and shun routine. These individuals dislike like routine and the thought of doing the same things day in day out de-motivates them. They far more enjoy spontaneity and the joy of never quite knowing what each day will bring. 

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