The cost of workplace coffee addiction revealed

The cost of workplace coffee addiction revealed

18 hours a year: that’s the shocking number of hours the average worker spends “nipping out” to get coffee, according to a new survey.

Honest Coffees’ – an ethical coffee supplier – data revealed that 11% of people leave work once a week to pick up coffee.

Ten per cent step out two or three times a week and 10.6% leave their office four or more times.

With the average worker earning more than £500 a week, the nation’s caffeine addiction is costing bosses £259 a year per employee.

Cumulatively, that’s a whopping £8.2billion a year or 0.4% of Britain’s GDP.

Wyatt Cavalier, Founder of Honest Coffees, said: “We know that Brits love their caffeine so it didn’t surprise us to see how often we were popping out for a cup of coffee but the numbers make quite scary reading.

“As an employer, you might not always think about this kind of stuff but when you see the figures in black and white it does put things in a different perspective."

The survey also found that men have a larger appetite for coffee. 37% make regular trips out to cafes to pick up takeaway coffee; just 24% of women doing the same.

And this caffeine addiction is not just costing employers, the £150 a year habit of the average worker equates to a new 32-inch TV or a week away in the Canary Islands.

Previous research from Honest Coffees found that coffee drinkers are nearly three times more likely to stay late at work.

The supplier report found that those who regularly drink four to five cups a day are 22% more likely to work 60 minutes more than their contracted hours. 

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