The 2 words a leader should NEVER say during a crisis

The 2 words a leader should NEVER say during a crisis

Keeping employee morale up is incumbent on HR – but, CEOs, executives and leaders have their role to play too.

However, if the company is struggling, business is down or wider political, social and economic events - that are out of a business’ control - are wreaking havoc, this can be a difficult task.

Phil Schraeder, President and CEO of GumGum, believes that it is these moments of difficulty that hold some of the greatest lessons for staff and leaders – but only if they’re aware of how to deal with them.

Speaking to Fortune, Schraeder explains that to keep morale up leaders should celebrate small victories as “consistently acknowledging accomplishments that may be minor in the grand scheme of things, but are critical to individual projects and groups, helps team members to feel motivated and empowered.”

The AI Executive also understands that trying to motivate people through fear, by being in constant crisis mode, wears staff down and leaves team members feeling like they can’t catch a break.

Schraeder believes that the key is to “create a culture where problems can be identified early” and trying to “foster company-wide transparency surrounding challenges”.

And it’s crucial that, although managers and leaders don’t hide problems, they manage them properly by not mentioning some crucial words.

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