Amazon face transgender employee lawsuit

Amazon face transgender employee lawsuit

Amazon are facing a lawsuit from two former transgender employees who claim that the tech giant harassed them and threatened them physically - Tech Crunch reports

One of the employees, Allegra Schawe-Lane, claims that after she was outed as transgender she experienced harassment and discrimination by employees, supervisors and managers.

She claims that the abuse entailed being intentionally referred to by male pronouns and titles, threats of physical violence and “hostility” that made it difficult to use the women’s bathroom.

Schawe-Lane claims that her pay was also deducted.

More specifically, Schaw-Lane’s partner was allegedly touched inappropriately by an employee who “gyrated his crotch” at him and offered him porn and sex toys.

A statement from the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund notes adds: “They were targeted with vicious slurs and threats. When they complained, they endured retaliation and were told that they were not allowed to make complaints in writing.

“While driving home one day from the secure Amazon parking lot, they found that the brakes on their car were not working correctly, and learned from their mechanic that the brake line was intentionally severed, putting the couple at significant risk of serious injury or death.”

The lawsuit, amongst other things, is seeking a court order that ensures Amazon implement policies, programmes and training that ensures equal employment opportunities for people who are transgender, have transitioned genders or are undergoing a gender transition.

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