Ex-HRD 'fired for complaining about cesspool of office debauchery'

Ex-HRD 'fired for complaining about cesspool of office debauchery'


An HR Director of American Funding Group is amongst a collective of former employees of a lending company who have filed a lawsuit detailing debauchery, harassment and discrimination at the firm – Daily Mail reports.

The suit claims managers ran the business in a way "that [was] so sexually aggressive, morally repulsive and unlawfully hostile that it [was] rivalled only by the businesses portrayed in the films Boiler Room and The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

According to complaints within the lawsuit, bosses created a “sexual harassment playground” fuelled by drugs, alcohol and swarming with hand-picked women. One, amongst a litany of allegations, notes that the HR Director was forced to handle payments for strippers at an office party.

Apparently, Mark Mancino, Chief Financial Officer at the firm, told his HR Director that she better “make sure you have enough money to pay the stripper out of petty cash”.

When Nicole Orlando, the ex-HR Director, argued that it was not a good idea, Mancino allegedly told her to “get over it” and to “stop being a tight a**”.

The lawsuit details other vulgar and sexually-charged slurs and inequitable behaviour, including giving certain employees perks and gifts. According to the suit, female subordinates who “dressed provocatively…or, who [were] having actual sexual relationships with the bosses” received these perks.

The lawsuit also claims that that “competent female employees who dressed conservatively” were blackballed and ridiculed. If that wasn’t enough, in another alleged misdemeanour, Mancino hired one female employee after meeting her at the gym. Apparently, this employee got a £46,000 salary and lavish gifts. She was also having an affair with the manager.

Whilst maintaining a positive, legal and non-discriminatory workplace culture is often incumbent upon HR, it appears, in this instance, Orlando’s role was severely compromised.

In the UK, ACAS guidelines state workplace policies should be in place to deal harassment. The guidelines read that: “complaints of bullying and harassment can usually be dealt with using clear grievance and disciplinary procedures.”

The defendants to the suit have not yet commented on the allegations publicly.

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