PwC post own pay gap failings to encourage 'true workplace diversity'

PwC post own pay gap failings to encourage 'true workplace diversity'

Professional services giant PwC has decided to publish that it pays its Black, Asian and minority-ethnic (BAME) UK staff almost 13% less than other employees in the country – The Independent reports.

However, the company says they are coming clean in an effort to “shine the spotlight on ethnicity in the workplace and encourage organisations to take action”.

Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner at PwC said: “We need to start looking beyond the narrow lens of gender, otherwise true workplace diversity won’t be achieved.”

Although there has been a lot of media and political scrutiny on the gender pay gap – with incoming legislation forcing companies with more than 250 employees to publish their own pay gap figures from April next year – there has been less focus on the racial pay gap.

PwC said that their BAME pay gap figures were calculated using the same methodology that the government requires for gender pay gap figures.

They claim that their BAME pay gap is entirely driven by the fact that there are less BAME staff in senior roles. PwC claims that it does pay BAME and non-BAME workers the same for the same role.

Ellis added: “We are talking to our BAME employees to understand their sense of working at PwC to see if there are any barriers we can address.”

Currently, according to a Chartered Management Institute study, only 21% of FTSE 100 leaders publish their diversity levels and just over half (54%) are seen to be actively championing greater diversity in their companies.

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