Overtime Outrage: UK staff spending shocking amount of time at work

Overtime Outrage: UK staff spending shocking amount of time at work

Working hard or hardly working? We all know someone who is guilty of spending too much time in the office; a serial late-stayer. And whilst they may believe it comes across as conscientious, it’s actually rather harmful for your health and wellbeing.

A recent report form CV-Library found that the average UK employee puts in an extra 13 working days every year to their career, with 64% of those asked admitting they often work longer hours than they are supposed to.

As for the desire for flexible working, 58.6% of staff believe that the traditional 9-5 is an outdated concept, citing the influx of technology as one of the main selling points for being able to work from anywhere at any time.

“It’s become clear from the data that UK workers are putting in too much overtime,” explained Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library. “It’s concerning to learn that up to one in 10 are even working seven days a week! Being overworked can lead to burnout, as well as having many other negative implications for the wellbeing of workers. Though technology may be great for enabling flexible working, it could also be disturbing the work-life balance of the nation’s professionals as they continue to do work related tasks outside of office hours.”

Looking at the options for shorter working days, the report found that three quarters (76.7%) of UK professionals think that a four-day working week would be beneficial to them. This is in addition to an extra 39.9% who agreed that it would make them more productive in general.  

Biggins concluded: “It’s clear that many believe that UK professionals would benefit from a four-day week, despite there being mixed feelings around the subject. It’s a very interesting concept, but the results are yet to be confirmed, with some believing that a shorter week could actually be more stressful for staff. One thing is for sure, UK workers are at risk of becoming overworked if they continue to put in so much overtime and businesses need to do their best to promote a healthier work-life balance.”

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