Prezi's Global Head of HR: 3 ways to lead global expansion

Prezi's Global Head of HR: 3 ways to lead global expansion

Modern businesses require a global outlook - from high-speed internet to collaborative working platforms, technology has, in many cases, diminished the need for a physical office and enabled rapid, nimble growth. But that doesn’t come without its challenges.

Emoke Starr, Global Head of HR at Prezi, shares with HR Grapevine what HR must consider if planning to expand globally. “The most successful international businesses are those that embrace difference and discussion,” she explains. “The greatest benefit of growth is the opening up of new opportunities, insights and perspectives on how to achieve your goals.

“While there are many unknowns when you enter a period of steep growth there is so much opportunity. Success boils down to communication. The more voices involved, the larger the company, the harder that is to maintain. But, once maintained, that clamour can turn from chaotic noise to a unified roar.”

Below, we have listed Starr’s three key areas paramount for companies managing a period of rapid expansion…

1. Maintain your values

“Accepting new voices, opinions and creativity are essential to building an international company, but it can prove challenging to align all new hires - in remote locations - on the company’s core mission.

“By boiling down their key goals into three to five points from the beginning, businesses can ensure they maintain their key values. The leadership will need to be aligned for this to work well. Regular (think bi-weekly) meetings between senior management, with an aim of consensus on the most important issues, is the best place to start.

“Once clear on what needs to be communicated, put on workshops and training sessions. People learn in different ways, so build your messaging into everything, from presentations to brainstorms and weekly catch ups.”

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