PayPal CLO reveals their ultimate interview tactic

PayPal CLO reveals their ultimate interview tactic

When it comes to impressing the recruiter during an interview, many candidates can fall victim to nerves and forget how to present themselves. It’s integral to remember what needs to be expressed to the interviewer, as well as remembering what they are looking to hear.

Derek Hann, Chief Learning Officer at PayPal, recently revealed to Business Insider his favourite interview question, and how it has the ability to show several different sides to the candidate.  

"I would ask this of any candidate — what did you learn this week?" he told Business Insider. "Even if it's only Tuesday. What's something new you learned this week and how did you apply it in what you do?"

He explained how this question shows how dedicated a jobseeker is to learning new things and improving themselves. “You should be learning with that level of frequency," Hann said. "Being a lifelong learner is really important — learning something and applying something new every day.”

Hann expressed that it’s not just about jobseekers reciting a mantra of pre-revised titbits in an interview, but actually committing to learning in a way that enhances their job prospects and their life in general.

Sometimes, a candidate simply doesn’t know the answer to a question posed in a job interview. And, whilst it may show a lack of preparation on their part, it’s also relativity common. We recently reported on Jeff Reynar, Director of Engineering and New York site lead at Facebook, who revealed how a jobseeker can guide an interview.

Speaking to Business Insider, he said: "You can sort of turn the interview process on its head a little bit and ask the person whose interviewing you what they've done, what they've worked on, and what they've learned in the process," he advised.

"That's a great way to get a sense for whether you'll fit in and get the experience and have the job you're looking for," he continued. “I think the way you should think about the interview process is that it's Facebook trying to figure out whether you're a fit for the company and for a particular set of projects, and that for you, you want to figure out whether Facebook is the right place for you.”

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