5 candidates reveal NIGHTMARE interview experiences

5 candidates reveal NIGHTMARE interview experiences

Sometimes there’s nothing a candidate can do before an interview to truly prepare them for what lies ahead. No amount of research or time spent analysing interview techniques can really help them for the strange situation lying behind that door.

A recent article in The Metro detailed the bizarre interview experiences of confused candidates: from the rude to the downright creepy. We’ve listed our favourite five below. Tell us your strangest interview experience in the comments.

1. Sascha

“The warning sign should have been when I entered the offices – which was pretty much a building site – and he said I should really be wearing the assorted safety gear lined up outside his room. ‘But we won’t bother with that,’ he added. I was a teenager and it was an event catering job. He was very much a ‘David Brent’ character, kept cracking rubbish jokes.

“He asked me a series of questions, then got a tick sheet out and proceeded to say: ‘Have you had silver service training? Well, we’ll just tick yes.’ Amazingly, despite my lack of experience I ended up getting the job but only worked for him twice. The second time I had to ferry a car full of strangers to a racecourse on a 130-mile round trip with the promise he would reimburse my petrol money in my pay packet. When the money never appeared, I was told I ‘should have charged everyone in the car a tenner’ so I ended up out of pocket. I ignored his phone calls after that.”

2. Cristina

“In my first ever big job interview, my skirt split. I had overindulged since I last wore a suit and, as I stood up to shake my interviewer’s hand, it ripped up the back. I backed out of the room slowly and luckily, my friend worked in the fashion section and was able to safety pin me up! The second time, my dress had button fastening on the back, by the neck. This came undone midway through my interview. When I realised, I spent ages trying to casually fasten it back together. The result, making me look like I had my hands behind my head, really laid back and nonchalant. Again, I backed out the room but one of the interviewers followed me so I had to confess.”

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