How to resign in 5 different workplace scenarios

How to resign in 5 different workplace scenarios

Saying good bye to a workplace can be awkward, especially if you’re leaving for a better job. Crucially, you won’t want to burn bridges with good colleagues you’d like to stay in touch with or anyone in charge of giving you a reference. 

There’s a fine line though between being too generic, falling into the trap of ‘office goodbye’ clichés such as: moving on; bittersweet; and, next adventure. However, you probably shouldn't bare your heart and outline every company rankle in an all office email.

Speaking with Moneyish, Career Coach Roy Cohen advises against using your goodbye email as a chance to lambast your soon-to-be-ex employers.

He said: “Our career and relationships will extend far beyond leaving one organisation and going on to another. There’s always a benefit to maintaining relationships and a positive impression with people you worked with.”

Yet, every resignation experience is different. Whilst some are bitter, others are a genuine heart-wrenching break-up experience.

We’ve listed five of the most common reasons workers leave their employer, and how to handle each scenario.

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